Privacy Notice (17 December 2018)

Privacy Notice — What we do with members’ information

    We hold basic information about our members, namely name, gender, address, phone numbers, personal email address and emergency contact details on the Members’ Register. The information is recorded when a member joins the club and amended as required.

    Each member is given a Westborough Bowls Club email address which forwards emails on to the member’s personal email address without disclosing that personal email address.

    Members’ personal information is held by the Honorary Secretary for use in contacting members in order to run the club. This information is shared with other Management Committee members where necessary. The use of this personal information for club matters includes, but is not limited to, notifying members of official club meetings, broadcasting general club news and information, and contacting members regarding availability for matches. A member’s personal information will not be shared with outside agencies without the member’s explicit consent.

    Some of the members’ personal information is placed on the Contact List which is made available to all members. The information shared is name, primary contact phone number and Westborough Bowls Club email address.

    Where a member requests that the committee enters them into a competition held by an organisation to which the club is affiliated, such as the Kent County Bowling Association, the committee may pass on the name and contact number to that organisation.

    All personal information is held electronically by the committee and may be printed by them. The Members’ Register is encrypted by password.

    The committee will take due care in preserving the confidentiality of the personal information provided by members.

    Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation, members have the right to see the information that the committee holds and the committee will rectify any incorrect information, as advised by the member.

    When a member leaves the club, the committee will immediately remove the member’s details from the Members’ Register and Contact List. The committee may retain a member’s details for a period of up to 12 months after the member’s departure solely for the purpose of communicating with the former member in the event of any outstanding club-related issues.

  • Privacy Notice — What members do with each other’s information

    All members must agree to abide by the terms listed in this section.

    Members must not disclose any other member’s personal information to any other parties without the other member’s explicit consent.

    Members may only use any other member’s personal information held on the Contact List for contacting the other member in relation to club business, for example to arrange internal club competition matches or to coordinate lifts to club away matches.

    Members must take due care in preserving the confidentiality of the personal information provided by other members and follow the procedures described in the Privacy Policy.

    On leaving the club, all members must destroy or delete all personal information held about other members that they have received from the club.

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