History of Westborough Bowls Club

WESTBOROUGH BOWLS CLUB, which is situated in Allington, was first established in 1925, although in 1925 the club was known as the Cherry Orchard Bowls Club. The bowling green was in Cherry Orchard in Maidstone. When war broke out in 1939, bowling ceased for the duration of the war and the bowling green was dug up to provide allotments After the war [1945] members of the original club got back together to re-form the club once more however, as their original green was now allotments, they had nowhere to bowl.


Clare Park Bowls Club, Maidstone had two greens and two clubs. The club offered members of the Cherry Orchard Bowls Club their facilities and for many years the two clubs used the same ground. As there was no longer a green to play on at Cherry Orchard it was decided to change the name of the club. The name was changed to West Borough Bowls Club. This name was taken because at the time they were using the West Borough Social Club in Maidstone to hold their committee meetings. At this time the club was a men only club. 


1965 - West Borough runners up in the Maidstone Bowls League


1967 - West Borough and Maidstone Gas sports teams before their game in the Maidstone Bowls League at Clare Park on Saturday


In 1980 John Crayford, whose wife worked at Sharps in Maidstone, approached Reg Knight of the Cherry Orchard Bowling Club, and suggested that  Cherry Orchard Bowls Club might like to take over the site of the Sharps bowling green in Allington. Reg checked out the green and found that other people were using it, both men and women. The site looked perfect. The men and women who were using it asked if they could join the club. This was obviously an offer that was too good to miss and after holding a meeting with the other members of the club it was agreed that they would move to the site [in Cloudberry Close, off Buckland Lane] and the members would consist of both men and women


1971 - Westborough and Park Wood

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